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Get $10 off the Miao Miao - Supercharge your Freestyle Libre

The Miao Miao is a transmitter that sends your glucose readings every 5 minutes from the Freestyle Libre sensor to an application on your smart phone. The Miao Miao has many advantages:

  • You can set up alarms when your blood sugar goes over or under a certain level
  • You can display the readings on your smart watch and have the alarms there as well
  • MiaoMiao’s APP integrations allow for family members to log in to your desired application and monitor your data. Several family members can all monitor your data simultaneously.
  • The device is waterproof and rechargeable. Use it while showering and charge it every 2 weeks.

The Miao Miao device is sold straight from the manufacturer. By clicking this link you can get $10 off the Miao Miao.

You can find decorative stickers and armbands for the Miao Miao right here at Pimp My Diabetes.