Introducing The Diabetes App That Diabetics Everywhere Are Using

Beeping monitors, used syringes, fatigue, blurred vision, and skin infections. This is not a description of a hospital, but the everyday reality of diabetics across the world. With over 422 million people with diabetes worldwide and increasing, diabetics look for answers to help them deal with their diagnosis and the issues that come with it. This is where social media has stepped in to provide the answers to diabetics everywhere.

According to a research study conducted by the Journal of Diabetes Nursing, “The internet has become a valuable resource for people with diabetes as social networks, blogs and patient self-help sites allow them to contribute to content, share experiences and make contact with other people in a similar situation.”

The Diabetes App is a free social networking app dedicated to educating and empowering the diabetic community. Hundreds of threads are updated daily, and more than 1700 profiles have been made since the launch in July 2020. This rapid growth has allowed The Diabetes App to become the go-to platform for diabetic patients and supporters.

Melissa, a type 1 diabetic, mom and health coach, is a big fan of The Diabetes App. Here is why she is a huge advocate of the app:

The The Diabetes App and community are amazing. The app is well organized, easy to navigate and beautiful! Filled with trusted resources & professionals to help guide us.

- Melissa Slemp, Diabetes Health Coach

The The Diabetes App team strives to make a real and positive impact on the lives of diabetics. They want to accomplish this by building a support network consisting of those living with diabetes and medical professionals. On The Diabetes App, users can connect and receive community support from people with the same type of diabetes, lifestyle, and experiences. They also have access to reliable advice from professionals with a broad range of specialties, including endocrinologists, physicians, and dieticians. 

DMP screenshots


The Diabetes App was developed with the many needs and concerns of diabetics in mind. Being diabetic can be burdensome, but being in a community tailored for them will make their diabetes journeys more bright and comforting.”

- Digital Health Buzz

With more than 1700 people part of the The Diabetes App community and hundreds of downloads every day; The Diabetes App is a growing support network for diabetics and a leader in the medical social app space.

So, what exactly do diabetics like about The Diabetes App?

1. A Community Emotional Support System at your Fingertips

The Diabetes App provides a community support platform for diabetics to foster new connections. Social support networks are shown to increase emotional well-being, decrease stress, and improve goal-setting behaviour. In fact, excellent mental health and greater life satisfaction have been associated with high levels of social support. 

Building meaningful relationships is easy on The Diabetes App. The “Find Friends” feature effortlessly connects new users to others with the same experiences specific to their diagnosis. With forums for Type 1, Type 2, gestational diabetics, and more, everyone can join in on the discussion and be part of the Diabetes Support Network.

The Diabetes App encourages diabetics to share their stories, join discussion forums, and support each other through online interaction.

“When we were exploring ideas for the app, we genuinely wanted to do something that would positively impact somebody’s life and what better way to do that than from the perspective of the community”

- Sean Zaboroski, The Diabetes App Founder

2. Easily Access Medical Professionals

The Diabetes App connects users to reliable professionals and services. With more and more information available for diabetics on the internet, there is no sure way to discern misleading information from accurate information. The Diabetes App allows users to seek reliable and timely support.  Professionals are carefully screened by the The Diabetes App team before they are allowed to host their own profile. At The Diabetes App, they put credibility first and have built an app based on transparency and trust. 

DMP app

Users can directly message medical professionals, access their articles, and explore their programs and services. The specialists come from a variety of professions, such as endocrinologists, physicians, nurses, dieticians and fitness instructors, to provide a stress-free and all-comprehensive user experience for diabetic patients.

Specialists are encouraged to build their own brand and client base using the The Diabetes App platform. Whether the purpose would be to gain market insight, find new clients or self-promotion, The Diabetes App allows specialists to share their expertise with their target audience, providing the opportunity to acquire new clients. 


3. Livestream Q&A

DMP livestream

The Diabetes App hosts weekly Livestreams. To date, they have had community advocates, dietitians, mental health therapists, fitness instructors and more participate in hosting Livestreams.  

Livestreams are a great way for members of the diabetic community to ask pressing questions, gain new knowledge, and build connections with other members of the community. Attendees can learn information that is relevant and applicable to their lives, and share their opinions on key themes, such as mental health and diabetic technology, in a safe and all-inclusive space. 

In addition, every Livestream is recorded and saved to the Livestream Library, so you will never miss the opportunity to join the discussion and learn something new. 

4. Keep Informed About Diabetic Research and Technology

The Diabetes App makes finding medical articles easy. There are over a hundred articles available for diabetics on The Diabetes App, from various approved sources like WebMD and EndocrineWeb. Each article can be accessed via the Articles Folder, allowing diabetics to stay informed with a click of an icon.  

DMP screenshot

5. Read Tips & Hacks


Users can also check out the The Diabetes App feed for insights on tips and tricks for everyday diabetic needs. From lifestyle hacks to funny videos and symptom-related inquiries, users can personalize their feed to see what is relevant to them, keep up-to-date on the latest trends, and become part of a support network made by diabetics for diabetics. 


6. Ask Anything


Transitioning to a new environment can be difficult, but The Diabetes App have support systems in place to facilitate the process. Users can directly message the The Diabetes App team with questions with concerns or feedback using the Ask The Diabetes App Icon. They strive to personalize the user experience and encourage feedback on our features to ensure we are meeting the needs of the diabetic community.


7. Great Reviews

The Diabetes App has over twenty-five 5-star reviews on the Google Play and App Store. In fact, 100% of all user ratings for The Diabetes App were five stars. What users love about The Diabetes App is the support, positivity and inclusivity that the community has to offer. Here are what the users have to say:

“This App gives me so much strength and support - I also appreciate all the tips and hacks.” - 5-star review

“Great sense of community and quality content. Love the livestreams!” - 5-star review

“Diabetes is such a struggle and it’s great to find others I can relate to!” - 5-star review

The platform can be accessed anywhere and is completely free to use! With so many positive reviews, you can be confident that The Diabetes App is an accessible, contemporary and thoughtful app that users love.  

8. The Team

They are a team of twelve bright and passionate individuals who want to change the direction of diabetes management. For diabetics, the emotional aspect of diabetes management is often overshadowed by the overwhelming physical burden of monitoring the disease. The team recognizes the need to fill the gaps in emotional support and hopes to make a positive and long lasting difference in the lives of diabetics and supporters.  

With a community of more than 1700 individuals from around the globe — from newly diagnosed patients, to medical professionals and advocates — they have built a safe and inclusive space for diabetes patients to connect with others, share their stories, and be part of a genuine support network made specifically for diabetics. 

Be part of the community! Download the The Diabetes App app now and join our diabetes support network today!




Rianne Chen

Rianne is the Business Development Specialist at TLC Platforms Inc. She is a diabetic supporter and vocal advocate for diabetes research. She is currently studying Medical Science at Western University.