Dexcom G5 fixtape: Black flower

Dexcom G5 fixtape: Black flower

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Secure your Dexcom in place and extend the wear time by adding a fixtape. The flower tape has a large area, perfect for those who need to firmly secure their Dexcom for an active lifestyle.
  • Made from 97% cotton and 3% nylon.
  • Hypo-allergic, acrylic-based and contains no latex.
  • Wear the tape for up to 10 days depending on skin texture and activities.


Directions for use

Step 1

Clean the area as you would normally before applying your sensor. The tape sticks best to dry skin, do not apply lotion before. Some disinfecting sprays may also reduce the adhesion of the tape.

Step 2

Put on your sensor and transmitter as usual.

Step 3

Make sure your hands are dry and remove the paper backing from the tape. Place the tape with both hands around your sensor. Avoid touching the glued surface of the tape.

The "hole" initially appears too small on the paper, but it is designed to fit perfectly.

Step 4

Press the tape to your skin starting near the sensor, moving outwards towards the edges. Press down firmly but without creating tension.

Softly rub the tape to activate the glue.


Wait at least 30 minutes between taping and water contact. Water contact, bathing and swimming do not require additional protection. Dry the tape carefully after water contact and avoid rubbing it with the towel.

Wear the tape for up to 10 days depending on skin texture and activities.