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Freestyle Libre Silly Patch: Purple mandala
Freestyle Libre Silly Patch: Purple mandala
Freestyle Libre Silly Patch: Purple mandala

Freestyle Libre Silly Patch: Purple mandala

A Silly Patch

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Secure and decorate your device with A Silly Patch. The patches are made with hypoallergenic pressure sensitive adhesive tape (3M).

The patches apply semi-transparent and give your Freestyle Libre a fun new look!

For best results please follow directions for use

Body heat and pushing down and holding and applying pressure is important while applying a silly patch to cure the adhesive a blow dryer will help.

Clean the area as you would normally before applying your sensor. The tape sticks best to dry skin, do not apply lotion before. Some disinfecting sprays may also reduce the adhesion of the tape.

Look for a location to get good coverage both on the device and the surrounding skin areas. Also look for an area that does not move or twist a lot. This will allow the patch to be in the best position for securing the device to your body. It is very important to locate the device "Window" prior to device placement and patch placement. Rotate the device prior to installation to ensure patch is facing the correct direction.

Step 1

Determine the best orientation (direction) of the patch to give you the maximum skin coverage, based on the placement of your device.

Step 2

Peel the tape backing off the back of the patch to the point where the device "window" is visible, and you have enough area so that you can see the device and target placement site. If you tear the backing, fold the tear edge back so it does not stick.

Step 3

Press the patch to the skin and hold while you remove the remainder of the backing, align patch as you go. Press down on the entire patch area. Try not to stretch the tape too much before it fully adheres. Push and hold as the adhesive needs body heat to activate and cure.

Please note the adhesive is pressure sensitive. It uses body temp to cure the adhesive. Applying pressure down while holding. Also warm air helps cure the adhesive. It may help to heat skin area and or patch area, lightly with a blow dryer before placement of patch and after placement to help cure the adhesive faster (do not over do it with the heat). The adhesive needs to cure to the patch material too. It is amazing what a little warmth can do. Push and hold!

Step 4

If the patch folded onto itself, the adhesive will not set immediately and you do have time to stretch it out and reposition the patch on your skin. Try not to stretch the tape too much as it may wrinkle.

Step 5

Finish the design. There was a cutout window for the device. Place the cut out tape over the transmitter in the correct orientation to complete your cool design. Wait a few hours to allow the adhesive to cure before starting activities! Heat from a hair dryer will help set the initial adhesion faster. Be careful though.

Daily care of your patch is necessary to help maintain a good-looking patch. After the patch adhesive has cured you can get active and move around. While a shower or water activities should wait until patch is cured. Please push down the patch edges and surrounding areas. Try not to wipe against the patch with your towel too much. Patting down is better than rubbing too hard. Applying soap or shampoo in the shower will help keep the patch less dirty and dingy looking after long use to help cure the adhesive.

Removing the patch

The product was designed to stay in place for a week or if possible longer, but easy to remove. To remove start in the center and just pull up at an angle and tear off while trying not to pull up sensor tape adhesion. Water resistant and stretchable so there may be some leftover adhesion on your skin after removal. Lotions, oils and hand sanitizer with some rubbing action will remove any extra adhesive.

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