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Medical devices don't have to look boring, add some color to your life!

Customer Testimonials


"I was diagnosed with diabetes in April 2019. My life turned upside down and I felt less and less like myself. I wanted a way for diabetes to feel less sad. I came across pimpmydiabetes on Instagram and saw all of the beautiful stickers for the FreeStyle Libre sensors and reader. I decided to order some in the hopes they would add some joy to my diabetes diagnosis. Now when I look down at my sensor or reader it always brings a smile to my face. The stickers stay on for the full 14 days of sensor wear and they have never started to peel. I would highly recommend their products to other people looking to brighten up their diabetes."


"I absolutely love how beautiful the Silly Patches are! The designs are simple and elegant; and they are nice and thin and stick like crazy, I never have to worry about a site peeling off!"


"I remember when Pimp My Diabetes only had a few Libre sensor and reader stickers and now the site has exploded to numerous options to fit any kind of personality and device! I've bought so many stickers and accesories and keep coming back for more because of the quality of products, the speed of delivery and the accuracy of every order. The site is always updated with the newest trending accessories. I love showing off my devices with the fun colours and patterns. It helps make diabetes a bit easier with some fun :)"