Finding the right adhesive patch

There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing adhesive patches or tapes for your diabetes devices. As people have different skin types, lifestyles and body chemistry different things work for different people, and what works for others might not work well for you. For best results you might want to try a few patches to find the best one for you.

ExpressionMed Dexcom G6 tape

At Pimp My Diabetes we offer adhesive patches and tapes from different brands that are made from different materials and use different adhesives. Some are fray-proof and others are woven. All of them are hypoallergenic and latex free.

Many of the patches are available as single patches and some of the patches that are sold in packs are available as samples so you can try different ones to find the best match for you.

Tips for best results:

Follow the application instructions
It's important to follow the application instructions, each brand has different instructions for best results. The instructions are listed on the product page for each patch.

Quick tips:

  • Prep the skin by using an alcohol swab or soap and water.
  • Make sure the area is hair-free and free from moisturizers and soaps containing moisturizers.
  • Exfoliating the skin to remove dead skin cells regularly will help the patch stay on.
  • When placing a device on your abdomen try to avoid the natural folds in your skin so that the patch doesn't bend too much.
  • Wait for a few hours after applying the patch before going in water.
  • For extra strength you can use Skin Tac adhesive wipes before applying the patch. It can also be applied on any loose edges to glue them down.
  • For easy removal and cleanup you can use Tac Away adhesive remover wipes.
Freestyle Libre adhesive patches

Freestyle Libre

Do you wear the Freestyle Libre and are prone to bumping your arm or catching the sensor on clothing or seat belts? An overpatch (pictured on the left) will be a better choice than a patch with a hole cutout (pictured on the right).