Useful and Affordable Tech for Individuals With Diabetes

Navigating the world as a diabetic can be a challenge, and it can be difficult to find affordable ways to maintain your health. With modern innovations, it is becoming easier to keep track of your health and make improvements to your lifestyle without breaking the bank. Below are some great affordable technologies available on the market for individuals with diabetes.

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Smart watch

Wearable Device

Staying active is especially important for diabetics, as it helps your body to regulate insulin and glucose levels and improves your circulation and overall bodily health. To keep an eye on your health before, during, and after workouts, consider a fitness tracker or a smartwatch. Whichever one you choose, you can use it to set goals and keep yourself motivated to maintain your regular exercise schedule. To help keep your workouts fun, mix up your routine weekly, and buy a stylish band for your smartwatch or fitness tracker.

Healthy eating

Apps for Healthy Eating

As an individual with diabetes, you are always paying attention to the foods that you eat, to avoid dangerous spikes in glucose levels. Fortunately, modern technology offers access to a wide variety of resources to help diabetics find and prepare the best foods. There are a number of apps available on the market to help you navigate the world of groceries and recipes, so that you can find the ideal foods for your condition.

Fooducate is an excellent well-rounded app that offers you the ability to scan a food item while shopping, to determine how it will affect your glucose levels. You can use it to track your eating habits and fitness activities for an overall snapshot of your health. In addition, the app provides easy, healthful recipes and an online forum where users can discuss their habits, ask questions, and share information.

For more information pertaining to healthy diet choices and ways to ensure that you are getting the nutrition you need, take a look at the Diabetic Diet app. This app provides information to help you plan your meals in advance, recipes for diabetic-friendly meals and desserts, and other information to keep you on track with a balanced diet.

Freestyle Libre

Glucose Level Maintenance

The fundamental concern with diabetes management is the maintenance of safe glucose levels, as a diabetic is unable to naturally produce insulin to metabolize glucose. This makes it important to moderate glucose levels in order to avoid the potentially serious effects of a glucose or insulin overdose. Thankfully, modern technology has made glucose monitoring easier than ever before.

Abbott Freestyle Libre 14 day sensor is quickly becoming one of the most popular glucose monitor options on the market. The app tracks glucose levels and even monitors in real time without the need for fingersticks. The system consists of a self-inserted sensor placed under the skin, which monitors your glucose levels, so you can keep track of your levels and avoid long periods of hypoglycemia. This system requires a prescription, and is covered all or in part by most private insurance and Medicaid.

Similar to Freestyle Libre, the Dexcom G6 Continuous Glucose Monitor uses a self-installed sensor under the skin for ongoing glucose readings. The information is transmitted to a wireless device which can be connected to your mobile phone via an app. Both systems allow for customized notifications for when you need to adjust your insulin or glucose levels, and allow you to share your information with family members and your healthcare practitioner. 

Diabetes Management Made Easy

Whether you are a recently diagnosed or experienced diabetic, ongoing technological innovations exist to help manage your condition so that you can enjoy an active and healthy lifestyle. Take the time to explore your options for fitness, food, and glucose maintenance, and see how new advances in technology can make your life easier.


Author: Jennifer McGregor