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42 Factors that affect Blood Glucose
Living with Type 1 Diabetes requires constant monitoring and work to manage blood sugars. It can be exhausting at times with no breaks.
4 Ways Tech Has Improved Care For Diabetics
Medical care is always evolving, and these days, it tends to happen largely through tech. From advanced smartphones and health-related apps, to the shift toward telemedicine, to new and improving devices altogether, there really are countless ways in which healthcare being changed by technology.
Useful and Affordable Tech for Individuals With Diabetes
Successfully navigating the world as a diabetic can be a daily challenge, but thanks to modern technology, devices and apps can make things a little simpler.
Finding the right adhesive patch
There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing adhesive patches or tapes for your diabetes devices. 
Tips for a good A1c
These are some tips that have worked well for me to maintain a good A1c
How everything changed 5 years ago
On this day 5 years ago everything changed. I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at the age of 33.
See your Dexcom readings on the Fitbit Versa smart watch
Did you know you can see your Dexcom readings on the Fitbit Versa? 
Insulin pump or MDI?
I've been using the Omnipod insulin pump since May 2016 and want to share my experience and go over the pros and cons of being on an insulin pump.